About Jessica Mayo

essica is from Ipswich, Massachusetts and is a Realtor at Lamacchia Realty.  She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing Communications from Endicott College.  After school Jess worked at a boutique marketing agency in Salem, MA, but quickly realized that a 9am-5pm desk job was not her forte.  After watching her Mom, Diane, work in the housing industry for the better part of 20 years Jess knew it was time to get her license too.

Jess likes when people are happy and at peace with themselves.  Therefore as a real estate agent, this allows her to utilize her communication skills with people looking to make a positive change in their life, whether buying their first home or down sizing after kids have gone to college.  “Helping is what I’m good at, it’s what I like to do. Why not be there to help buyers and sellers handle their biggest asset?”

Outside of Work I Enjoy:

“I love spinning!  I took a class with a friend of mine who literally had to drag me in the building, but that one class has had me absolutely hooked for over a year and a half.

I also love the beach with the sun, sand, and water; I’m at my happiest when I’m sitting at the beach.

I’m so grateful that real estate allows me to “make my own hours” because I can now spend some time giving my time.  I am a kennel volunteer at the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA, and it makes me so happy. I can help these little animals that can’t necessarily ask for it. “

Do You Have Any Pets?:

“Yes, I have Bentley! Benny is a 9 year old yellow lab who is a big lug! He’s as big as a human and doesn’t really act his age (or size) most days.  He thinks he can fit in my lap when I sit on the ground with him! Spoiler alert: He doesn’t!“

Do You Have a Favorite Charity?:

“I’m a kennel volunteer at the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA.  We are one of New England’s largest non-profit, no-kill shelters.  We travel to numerous states to rescue homeless cats and dogs that have been taken in to high kill shelters.  Once they arrive at NEAS they are immediately taken care of from the moment they step off the van.  We’re always looking for donations of any kind! Towels, blankets, dog and cat toys, food, etc, are more than welcome.  These animals are just so awesome and deserve love from a person or family that will give them a forever home.“

Favorite Part of My Job:

“Sounds funny, but I love doing research!  Finding properties, putting together CMAs, putting together final closing folders is the best.  I can be organized and thorough and it gives me a sense of calm in a hectic business! “

What are your favorite sports, and sports teams?

“I love all Boston sports!  But if I had to rank them… Pats, Sox, B’s, Celts, Revs. Pats and Sox are so close.  I’d rather watch the Sox in person, there’s nothing like walking through the tunnel into Fenway Park.  Every time feels like the first and I just stand there in utter amazement.  However, I’m always in awe of TB12 and the rest of the boys and their dedication to Boston and to the game of football.“

Outside of Work I Enjoy:

I really enjoy being outdoors and staying active.

My Favorite Sports:

Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics.

Favorite Part of My Job:

Establishing relationships with people and creating special moments for them. Anything I can do to guide them along and make sure they get everything that is best for them.

Do you have any pets?

Growing up I had a Native American Indian Dog. Bet you’ve never heard of it!